Saturday, November 22, 2008

People To People

I went to my first"official" P2P meeting today... "MEET AND GREET"
We talked about what size suitcase to bring,fund raising ideas(not to many from parents,though), Told about ourselves,mingles(that was a 'task' that Deb gave us. After we mingled we had to introduce someone other than ourselves.
Oh yeah,Deb is our delegate leader,(she runs our meetings and will be one of three delegates that will go on the trip with us to Australia for 17 days.)
One of the moms that has a daughter said that we will fly so much that we will only write in our journal about 16 of the 17 days. Our journals are where we can write about the day and the likes-and dislikes as well.
I know for a fact that for two days the students will stay with home-stay local Australian families. We will either be paired up with one other person or by yourself,we won't know till' the time comes, though.
(Looks like I got my blogging "mojo" back,eh?)
My next meeting will be in January.