Monday, July 30, 2007!!!!!

Ok we were at a camp called school section lake, mom was just about to serve lunch at this time a park ranger came by mom said"do you want a sloppy jo " ? So he got the first sister Joy was climbing up to the loft when she fell off the fifth rung of the ladder...... she had to have six stitches under her chin, and she broke her wrist twice by her groth plate and her first long bone.!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to camp this week so I will not blog till Sunday.

BYE FOR NOW!!!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

a pic.of friends.

This is ------------Dad------------------Robb-----Vanessa---------------

Hair Cut

by Helena

Dear reader,
A few weeks ago I got my hair cut. Lori and dad worked together to make it happen...I'm glad for that. Guess what... the day I got my hair cut it was Friday the 13!!!!!
The laddie that cut my hair is named Jamie Henry. I got it cut, thinned and layered.
Now it looks more like me.I got soaked because I was too short for the sink! Before I got it cut it was down to my lower it's to my shoulders.I was originally going to do locks for love(they use cut off hair to make wigs for kids that have cancer)....but my hair was too short.Part of that was I'm in dance and T.K.D so I need to be able to put it in a ponytail.My hair is so much lighter now that its thinned.People loved my hair after I got it cut, like "wow it looks more alive" and ..."how nice"... Mom said I have more of an attitude now.

P.S. Lori is mom and dads friend.

Hair Cut

Usually when you are starting a new topic of conversation, You put a new post up.
So your comment about you getting your hair cut, posted under your first post may be lost to your readers.
So Here is a Post you can write about your hair cut.
Keep one or two main ideas in a post.
Write Here about your hair cut:
Who cut it, how did you go to this person to cut your hair?
How long was your hair before
Why did you want to get it cut
Tell about "Locks for love" ..did this work or not work.
What happened the day you got your hair cut. Who took you. What did you do afterward. What time was your appointment?
How does your shorter hair make you feel? Is it easier to care for?
What about Brushing your old long hair? how did that work out?
What did people think about it when you said you were getting y our hair cut?
What did they say afterwards?
What did you do with the hair that was cut off?

Just ideas. when can always go back to basics: Who, What, When , Where, Why, How. Some stories have MANY "Who's" this one--You, Hair cut lady, who recommended hair cut lady, who drove etc


fat Alburt in Cat Form

It's A Spitting Image!!!!!!!!!


This is my Aunt Doris.

killer cat! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Friends for life? Or not?

Do you ever wonder if your friends are friends for life? If you do I have the answers for you.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


Don't you ever miss school?? I do. It's mostly great teacher and friend sick though.! I had a few great teachers: Mrs.Spayd, Mr.B, Mrs.Leto, Mrs.Gult (My piano teacher), Mrs.Spickerman, Mrs.Robison and a few others....but still they are great! Mr.B once stuck a red pencil up his nose ......we never used red pencils again!LOL!!! then one time we asked what a commontater was and Mrs.Spayd said it's an every day potato.!

how to do pictures

Click on the main body. Then go to the picture Icon, the second to the last by the Font (by eraser). Follow the directions in the pop up menu.

This picture is in Manistee William, Me and Joy.

First Post

Hi I am just starting this new blog as a way to keep track of my thoughts, and my friends.
My mom is helping me.
How are you??
My Name is Helena, my mom calls me Mini-me because I look a lot like her. Our old pastor's wife has a blog Happiness is a butterfly.
I just earned my high blue belt and got promoted today in a ceremony. I like Tae Kwon Do. I am doing a report on Tae Park who is the Grand Master in this form of Martial Arts. My teacher for the last two years has been Mrs. Paula Robison, and her son Mr. Brian Robison. '
I've been in dance for 8 years, Ballet for 8, Tap for 7, and Jazz for 5. My little sister and brother are also in dance. William is my brother. He is in Tap and Jazz. Joy is my little sister, she has been dance for 3 years and is in ballet and tap.
I also have three cats. "One old cat", "two kittens". Their names are Carmella-a calico, from the Soprano's, Mousy Earl Grey, (earl grey is a type of tea) , Our 10 yr old cat is Lucky Simon-because mom used to be a cop and she was out on Patrol with her cop partner, and they found him in a ditch. He was like only 2 weeks old-so that's why he was really lucky.
I also have a Rooster, that drives my dad insane!, and four hens. They are Rhode Island Reds. WE had five hens but one got eaten by foxes.
My sister's middle name is named after the Linn company for stereo equipment. My dad used to live in Hawaii before he met my mom.
I also have two webkinz. One is a lil' kinz, named muggy because he looks like his face could be on a mug. Then a Husky dog I haven't named it yet. But When I do I will put it on my blog.
My birthday-- I will be 11 next month. Which sounds a lot better than one decade and a year.
Talk to you guys soon.
Put comments on please.