Tuesday, August 18, 2009

nothing special

i was just looking through older posts form the first year that i had this blog. let me tell you, i had more to say but i think when i was writting then, it was a little less 'matured' i guess you could say. not really that but you know what i mean. maybe it was just because i didn't know as much as i do know. some of my posts from then are kinda silly to me now. then again, i was only 10.

i can't really remember very many. 2 that i do remeb=mber is that one about Vanessa and when i fell off the scooter in S.C.

my new backpack...love it,lol

Monday, August 17, 2009

tim burtons alice in wonderland

this picture is of Tim Burton's version of the mad hatter.the movie comes out in 2010 sometime.and the red queen.and the Alice.
apparently this movie takes place when she's like 19,not 10.

i feel like that kid from willie wonka

Lately i just want everything. so here's a list of some of the things i want.

1. A ride to the mall
2. to go to my other school's open house on the 2nd
2. to see my Friends
3. to fly out of state
4. my drivers licence(I'm only 13,keep in mind)
5. to find a dance studio
6. to finally know if i will be able to take pointe this year
7. 1 million dollars to blow on the mall
8. a portable DVD player
9. for mom to adopt a little baby(why? i don't know.)
10. a few Cd's

so yeah. that's only a few but I'm sure i could think of more.positive.

minus the hideous attitude. and i only want reasonable thing, not a ball.well except for the 1 million dollars,lol.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


so i thought my birthday was gonna be pretty lame this year.not only were my friends 4 hours away and unable to celebrate with me, but half my family was four hours away as well. joy had camp on monday and so mom drove her up friday so he can pack the van full with stuff. so i was here, friendle with g-ma, will, and Dad. dad and i had to get a few thing from the store and so he let me pick out my birthday cake. it was very,very pretty, but mom:
remind me next time why i shouldn't get a store-cake. although it was very nice in looks, it was a bit dry underneathall the frosting. and milk was my friend while i was eating it. it was ok,like it wasen't unbearably dry but it didn't have the warm, homey feel...or rather taste that you get when you make it yourself.
i just wanted everything this year. to go to the movies,the mall, i wanted money,and a locket and all this crazy-expensive stuff. but in the end, i got money(which was what i told everyone was thr main thing i told everyone i wanted:to spend on what i pleased), a nice dinner out with the family, a surprise gift from a friend that i havent't talked to scense school(it was a little address book, 20 all the time stamps and an invite to be her penpal so we never loose touch.and a letter that had very,very kind words.), Dad also got me this cool bag for my bike. and he bought my ticket when we went to see G.I. Joe, which by the way was AWESOME! i loved it. and they set the end up purfectly for the next one.

now that i think about it,i feel kinda bad for my behavior over the last few days. i don't think i really nag much but i thing i might have gotten on everyones nerves. i'm not going to go into details because i wouldn't be able to explain what i was in a frenzied fit over right. so i'm leaving this post at that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

my birthday

todays my birthday. i'm officially 13.yeay.

going to see g.i. joe today with dad and william.